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Forest Path, Warsaw, Poland

#Forest Path, #Warsaw, #Poland

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by Ferry Vermeer on Flickr.Town hall at Grote Markt in Leuven, Belgium.

Olympic National Park, Washington DINGYI ZHANG

The camouflaged mirrorcube at Harads Tree Hotel / Sweden

Natural arch in Vratna River Gorge in eastern Serbia.

Outdoor Restaurant, Krakow, Poland

Anonymous said: could you post a picture of your face? Answer: I don’t have a good picture and anyway I’m shy look I’m on Tumblr lol. x; Sorry. Edit: You needn’t worry though because I’m not a...

Castle Ruurlo, The Netherlands Martin Podt

by oldsamovar on Flickr.Lake Moraine, Banff National Park. Alberta, Canada.

Inside Ettal Abbey in Bavaria, Germany

Stairway, Prague, Czech Republic